Customer Segmentation Widget

Hello, this is Steph. I assisted the FoodStarter team as a software engineering intern in creating the dashboard for our startup users. Today's blog post will be in English because my German skills are still quite tragic. I think you guys will understand it ;-)*

Just recently, we finished a new widget for startups' dashboards. This widget shows the performance [1] of a FoodStarter product categorized according to the EDEKA customer segments.

EDEKA's customer loyalty program, DeutschlandCard, helps track what customers buy in addition to their basic demographic data such as age and gender. Our friends from the analytics and marketing team at EDEKA Zentrale found that DeutschlandCard customers typically fall into several categories.

segmentsSegments for the purposes of visualization

Each segment is assigned a value ranging from 0% to 100%. These percentages represent how many sales of this FoodStarter product (in percent) belong to a certain EDEKA customer segment.

widgetScreenshot of the widget with anonymized types

From the example above, we have Super Apfel having a value of 25% under customer segment, Type B. This means that members of the Type B customer segment made up 25% of the Super Apfel purchases.

Knowing what customer segment a product performs well in can help marketing efforts. Such information can save money and time when targeting customers with online advertisements through channels such as Facebook, Google, and Instagram. Not only that, but these analytics can also help to develop copywrite for specific customer segments. In brief, we are hoping that with this information, startups can tailor their marketing campaigns by either complementing their existing sales and marketing teams efforts.

  1. If there is no visualization on your widget, it is most likely because there are not enough sales from our loyalty customers yet. ↩︎